healthy eating, chipotle, intuitive eating
Chipotle will forever have my heart.  I often have it once a week (luckily no more), and could probably eat it every other day if I let myself!  I just love how fresh everything always is!

I often order a burrito bowl!  Steak was always my jam until I just recently tried the chicken and now I often order chicken.  If you enjoy both, get half and half!

My bowl gets filled with chicken (or steak), fajita veggies, pico, little hot salsa, corn, guac, and lettuce.  I started giving up the rice a long time ago (except for rare occasions where I really want it), and I just recently started giving up on the delicious sour cream and cheese, and it still tastes delicious!

And if you haven’t had the tacos, I recommend those too!  They are delicious and it’s fun to change it up sometimes when I feel like having more carbs (oops!).

CHIP HACK: If you are a sucker for Chipotle’s chips like myself, order the kids chips so you can limit the amount you eat.  This is what I do and it’s a perfect small amount- just enough to get my fix!

What is your go-to Chipotle order (or three like mine!)?