Eating healthy is not always boring.  If you think healthy eating is hard because food is flavorless, please take my advice and experiment a little bit- I promise you would be surprised to find what you can come up with if you try.

Tonight’s dinner was delicious and full of flavor for a healthier meal.

Burgers: Simply Balanced organic ground beef patties (85/15), seasoned with organic garlic powder, onion powder, and Montreal steak seasoning, topped with a slice of Sargento cheddar cheese.  I also sautéed some onions in butter as a topping for the burgers!  We went with no bun tonight because we were having potatoes.

Potatoes: Mixture of diced yellow potatoes, white sweet potatoes (steamed before grilling), and red onion.  I seasoned the potatoes with olive oil, California garlic pepper, and Old Bay seasoning.

Veggie Kababs: Red and green bell peppers and whole mushrooms.  I sprayed the kabobs with coconut oil cooking spray, and then seasoned them with organic garlic powder, onion powder, Montreal steak seasoning, and California garlic pepper.

I like to enjoy french onion dip with kababs- I just mix Lipton onion soup mix with plain Chobani greek yogurt- it is a delicious dip for kababs and was even good with the burger and potatoes!