BLT Night & Carrots for One

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BLT’s are probably one of my favorite meals and they are so easy to make- I make them quite often during the week, sometimes with regular bacon, and sometimes with turkey bacon if I am trying to be extra good!

I pile them high with thick cut tomatoes, lettuce, thick cut bacon, mayo, and I usually add onions!  You can also add avocado for extra nutrients.

This is by far my FAVORITE bacon- it still comes out just as thick when it’s cooked, and it’s all natural with no antibiotics or nitrates.  Look for this when you can!

Tonight I roasted some carrots for my side- Tommy isn’t much of a fan of vegetables, especially not carrots, so when I make vegetables, it’s often a small pathetic amount just for me.  Oh, and we are working on his toleration for vegetables- we’ve come a long way but have a long ways to go…

I tossed the carrots in avocado oil, garlic powder, black pepper, garlic powder, and dill, then roasted them for about 20 minutes at 400 degrees.

blt, carrots, dinner, healthy

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