Healthy Flavorful Meals Are The Best

Grilling, Chicken, Vegetables, Potatoes, Healthy

Grilling, Chicken, Vegetables, Potatoes, HealthySaturday night was a cooking for one night, so I whipped up one of my favorite easy and healthy meals.  I had teriyaki chicken, grilled vegetables, and potatoes.

Chicken: I marinated the chicken breasts in teriyaki sauce back when I bought them before I froze them- this locked in tons of flavor!  Grilled chicken is the best way to eat chicken, so that’s what I did.

Potatoes: I just diced up organic reds, pan-fried them in butter, and seasoned them with old bay, garlic powder, California garlic pepper, and seasoning salt.

Vegetables: I cut up zucchini, carrots, onions, broccoli (pre-cut), and asparagus.  I tossed them in Worcestershire sauce, liquid aminos, and brown sugar, then grilled just until tender!

Healthy meals that are full of flavor are the best, and make maintaining a healthy lifestyle so much easier!




    Yum! Everything looks soo good!

    Reply to BECKY ORROCK
  • Melissa Davidson

    You have turned out to ba an amzing chef Amber!! Besides being amazing yourself!! I’ so proud of you, and everything looks delicious!!! …..Have you tried baking eggs in avacado? Very healthy and so many ways to garnish it!! Yummy too……I’m going to make your recipes this week for work!! 🙂

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    • Loree Unleashed

      Thank you! I haven’t tried baking eggs in avocado…that would probably be good though!! 🙂

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