Over Easy Egg, Turkey Bacon, Strawberries Happy Saturday, Friends!  The best Saturday’s are those where you can take your time in the morning because you have no plans for the day, which allow for a work session and tons of coffee.  Those are my favorite anyways!

After doing some work this morning and sipping coffee, lunch time rolled around and I was getting hungry!  I enjoyed turkey bacon (nitrate & preservative free), organic strawberries, and an english muffin.  I had peanut butter on one half and cheese and an over easy egg (cage free organic) on the other.

I’m actually not a huge fan of eggs, they are very bland to me and I can’t eat them plain like many can.  I can only eat hard boiled eggs if they are turned into deviled eggs, or if they are chopped up in a salad.  I wish I could eat them plain, but I just can’t.  They need seasoning, cheese, protein, or veggies in order for me to enjoy them on their own .

One of my favorite ways to cook an egg is over easy!  I love the runny yolk over toast.

Over Easy Egg, Healthy, BreakfastTo cook my eggs, I heat a pan on medium-high heat and lightly spray with organic coconut oil (avocado oil is ideal).  When the pan is hot, I crack my egg into the pan and let it cook for a few short minutes, if that.  I always season my eggs with organic garlic and onion powder, black pepper, and today I added crushed red pepper for a hint of spice.  Watch the egg closely so it doesn’t cook through!

When the egg white is almost cooked through on the top, I immediately turn the heat off and carefully flip (more like roll) the egg so the yolk side is down.  I let it sit this way for less than a minute- you just want the rest of the egg white to finish cooking, while not allowing the yolk to cook through.

Over Easy Egg, Breakfast, BrunchFinished product!  Sorry about the quality of this picture- it was a screenshot from my insta-story.

What is your favorite way to enjoy eggs?

xoxo, Amber