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Beef with Broccoli or Mixed Veggies or Mongolian Beef at a Chinese restaurant is something that I order often, but am rarely satisfied with it and find it to be a waste of money.  I hate how soft the beef usually is for some reason.  One of my favorite restaurants is PF Changs, and my go-to order is the Mongolian Beef.  It is SO good, and I highly recommend ordering this if you haven’t before!  The steak is great, it’s got a crispness to it that your typical Chinese take out places don’t get, and it is all around great quality food.  Because PF Changs is my favorite, and I just can’t find a good beef and veggie dish anywhere else, I thought I would try to whip something similar up at home!  This is much better on the wallet too 🙂

I made this dish twice this week so I could perfect the ingredients for you guys!  The first time it was way too salty, so I toned the salt level down this time.

Healthy, Cooking, BeefAll you will need is: sirloin steak, your choice of veggies, green onions, garlic powder and/or fresh minced garlic, sesame seeds, rice vinegar, liquid aminos, avocado oil, unbleached flour, and brown sugar.  My veggies consisted of broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, asparagus, and orange bell pepper because that is what I had on hand.  Broccoli alone would probably be my personal favorite!

steak, cooking, beefTo start, slice the sirloin into thin strips, and coat them with flour.  Let the flour sit for a minute, and whip up the sauce quick.  Just mix together liquid aminos, a splash of rice vinegar, a small scoop of brown sugar, fresh minced garlic or garlic powder, chopped green onion, and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.  The first time I made this I used minced garlic, but was out the second time so I used garlic powder and both work great.

Before you start the steak, I always get the veggies cooking since they take a bit longer.  Just sauté them in a frying pan with avocado oil and garlic powder- cook until tender or to your liking.  I add the green onion when the vegetables are about done.

To cook the steak, pour a decent amount of avocado oil into a frying pan and let it get hot.  The oil should coat the pan at a minimum.  You don’t want to put the steak in until the pan is scorching- this along with the flour is what helps it get crispy fast.  Please be incredibly careful when cooking the steak- it splatters like bacon and the grease is very hot.  Use a splatter screen and where long sleeves if you can.

When the steak is nice and crisp, transfer it to a plate with paper towels to let the grease drain off.

Steak, Veggies, Cooking, BeefWhen the veggies are done, pour in the sauce, add in the crispy beef, and mix!

Cooking, Healthy, BeefThe first time I made this I poured the beef and sauce over the veggies and this second time I just mixed it all together which is delicious.  I served it over brown rice this time!