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I’ve been really craving pasta lately, so I decided to give in to that craving and make it for dinner earlier this week!  I of course wanted to try to keep it on the healthier side, so I decided to incorporate some nutrient filled veggies.

Lemon, Kale, Pasta, Cooking, Healthy, Healthy MealAll of the ingredients used were fresh and the pasta was absolutely delicious!

Ingredients: fresh Parmesan cheese, kale, asparagus, shallot, garlic cloves, organic spaghetti noodles, lemon, avocado oil, and arugula.

Lemon, Kale, Pasta, Cooking, Healthy, Healthy MealFirst, cut up asparagus into small spears, and sauté them in a little avocado oil, minced shallot, and minced fresh garlic.  While the asparagus is cooking, cook your noodles!

When the noodles are done, drain, rinse, and set aside.  In the same pan the noodles cooked in, drizzle the pan with avocado oil and lightly sauté the kale until it turns a dark green and has wilted a bit.

When the asparagus and kale are both done, toss everything together and add another good drizzle of avocado oil, a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice, and freshly grated Parmesan.  So easy and so tasty!

pastaI was going to add bacon to this dish, but didn’t feel like cooking it, but it would be a perfect addition, as would some crispy prosciutto!


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  • scanadalle March 16, 2018 at 8:13 pm

    Sheesh! I just had dinner and this is making me so hungry. We’ve got kale in the fridge looking for a use still, and this looks quick enough we might even be able to fit it in as a work night meal. Well done!

    • Loree Unleashed March 16, 2018 at 8:52 pm

      There ya go! It was super simple and unfortunately I don’t measure anything when I cook, but that makes it easy to season to your taste!

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