breakfast tacos, healthy, cookingWe didn’t have anything taken out for dinner a few nights ago, so we decided to punt.  I ended up throwing together breakfast tacos, and they were DELICIOUS!

-Corn Tortillas
-Bacon (I Use Applegate Uncured, Nitrate-Free Thick Cut Bacon)
-Organic Shredded Cheese
-Organic Green Onions
-Organic Avocado
-Organic Eggs
-Organic Garlic Powder and Black Pepper
-Cholula Sauce
-Coconut Oil Spray

You of course do not need to purchase organic if you don’t want to, it’s just what I prefer.

I fried up the bacon, scrambled 2 eggs with shredded cheese, green onion, garlic powder, and black pepper.  Then, I just put the eggs aside and sprayed the same pan the eggs cooked in with coconut oil spray and let the corn tortillas cook until they started to firm up and get some color- this makes them stay together!

I lathered the inside of the corn tortilla with avocado, then topped it with bacon, eggs, and cholula sauce.

I can’t even describe how good they were- I’m not a huge breakfast fan, so this was exciting for me!  I think it was how the corn tortillas were cooked?  Not sure, but they were great.

healthy, tacos, cooking, breakfast tacos

xoxo, Amber