weekendToday started out great on the healthy eating train, and then I derailed completely.

coffee, weekendFor breakfast, I pan-fried some turkey bacon, made a simplified version of my breakfast burritos, and enjoyed a cup of coffee.

weekendDaisy (or Bubby, our dog), had an appointment at the groomer this afternoon, so to pass time Tommy wanted Mexican, and I agreed so off we went to our favorite Mexican place, Casa Rio.  I legit have no will power at this place because they have the best chips and queso.

lunch, weekend
lunch, weekendI ordered the taco salad with beef, which was okay.  The tortilla shell was a little greasy for me so I didn’t eat much of that, and the beef was just alright.  Overall the salad itself was really good, especially with some of that avocado ranch!  My favorite tortilla bowls are still the ones that you buy at the grocery store!

weekend, workout, fitnessI am proud to say that I did get my workout in today after we got home- 41 minutes on the treadmill!  And then I did some cleaning afterwards- which let’s face it, that is also a decent workout.

weekendI went grocery shopping this morning, and we have this problem of not eating everything that I buy for the week, and then end up throwing so much out I feel.  I decided to make a list to hang on the fridge of the items that I either bought or that we have on hand that could get eaten.  I’m hopeful that this will help us prepare better and throw less out!

yogurt, breakfast, dinner, weekendI definitely wanted to eat a healthy dinner, so I just had leftover turkey bacon from breakfast, and Greek strawberry yogurt with strawberries, cantaloupe, and cinnamon Chex.

I hope you all had a great Saturday!