Blackberry & Cherry Protein Smoothie

smoothie, healthy, fruit, proteinNow if it were Summer here in Minnesota, this smoothie may have been refreshing.  It will come soon right?  I’m not actually much of a smoothie person, but I know how good they are for you so I hope to make them more this Summer.

For some reason I felt like making one tonight and it was pretty good!

My smoothie had unsweetened vanilla almond milk, Orgain vanilla protein powder, frozen cherries, fresh blackberries, fresh spinach, splash of vanilla extract, and ice.  If you want it a little more sweet, add a packet of stevia!

Unfortunately I don’t usually measure anything, but I did use a full scoop of the protein powder, and next time I will only use half as it overpowered the fruit a little too much.

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    April 9, 2018 at 10:22 pm

    Can I take a moment to recognize how pretty that picture is? Man….that is tasty looking!

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