meal prep, pot roast, cookingMeal prep is not something I am consistently good at and pot roast is NOT a favorite meal of mine- I actually really could care less for it.  For some reason though, I was craving it over the weekend so decided to try making it for the first time on Sunday so that I could have lunch for a couple of days.  Pot roast is one of the few meals/meats that I can eat leftover.

This was my first time making it myself and it turned out really good!  It still isn’t something I will probably want again any time soon, but if you want something different to meal prep this is a great option because it makes so much food and is quick and easy to prep.

What I Used:

Chuck Roast
Avocado Oil & Coconut Oil Spray
Whole Carrots, Cut Into Large Pieces
Onions, Sliced Into Large Pieces
Baby Golden Potatoes
Garlic Cloves, Chopped
Beef Broth (I used Pacific organic)
Seasonings: Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Black Pepper, Dried Thyme, Seasoning Salt, & Kosher Salt
Corn Starch

I would prefer mine without potatoes but I’m not only feeding myself- Tommy eats the potatoes, I eat the carrots.  I think I might try adding celery next time?


pot roast, meal prep, cookingFirst, turn your crock pot to low and lightly spray the inside with coconut oil.  Then place the baby golden potatoes, carrots, and onions into the bottom and season with a hefty amount of garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, dried thyme, and as much fresh garlic as you want.  I LOVE garlic.

meal prep, pot roast, cookingNext, heat a pan on medium-high heat with avocado oil.  When the pan is hot, sear both sides of the chuck roast for a few minutes.  I also seasoned the meat heavily with kosher salt, garlic powder, onion powder, and dried thyme.  Don’t skimp on the seasonings!  When both sides have a good color, you can add it right on top of the potatoes and vegetables in the crock pot.  Then, pour in the beef broth until the vegetables are pretty much covered.

The pot roast slow cooked on low all day- probably for about 9 hours.  Before stirring everything and pulling apart the chuck roast at the end of the day, I seasoned with seasoning salt.  This is my favorite seasoning on pot roast, and instead of just adding it to my plate when I eat it, I figured I would just add it to everything right away to add more flavor.  The final step is to thicken the broth if needed.  Just add a little bit of corn starch until the broth thickness is to your liking.

I know there are a lot of people out there who use french onion soup mix- what are some of your favorite pot roast seasonings/flavors?