weekend, healthy livingI hope you all had a great weekend and a spoiled Mother’s Day if you’re a Mom!  We had great weather here all weekend so I spent a lot of time outside.


pizza, healthy lifestyle, weight lossFriday night was lazy for me- when I got home from work I quickly changed out of my work clothes (fact: I hate dress clothes and immediately change the second I get home) and ran to Papa Murphy’s to grab a pizza- my go to can be found here!  I did not feel like cooking so this was a perfect option in my mind.  My meals were only OK this weekend, could have definitely been much more healthy but what’re ya gonna do.  

flowers, summer, healthy livingSaturday I woke up and took off right away to go with my family out to my Aunt and Uncle’s to visit and help them get some things ready for the year.  It was cloudy and a little chilly, but it was refreshing and still nice enough to be outside.  My Aunt is a gardener extraordinaire and when I saw these yellow and red gerbera daisies I had to take a picture- they were beautiful.  

dinner, healthy living, healthy eating, weekendDinner Saturday night was tasty- my Mom made keto cheese stuffed meatballs wrapped in bacon and then we had pan-fried potatoes and roasted vegetables as sides.  Tommy and I spend the rest of the weekend at my parents.  After dinner I did some work and we watched T.V. for the rest of the evening.


weekend, dinner, healthy living, healthy eatingSunday was dedicated to Mother’s Day of course!  We spent ALL day outside, it was so nice out.  I think “Princess” Daisy was a bit tired in the afternoon- she sat like this in Tommy’s arms for probably 20 minutes, it was ridiculously cute.


weekend, dinner, healthy living, healthy eating

Dinner was grilled chicken, crispy baked potatoes (coated with olive oil and sea salt), corn, and roasted cauliflower.  Grilled shrimp was also on the menu just not on my plate.


weekend, dinner, healthy living, healthy eatingAfter dinner we hung outside a bit more and then went on a long family walk and of course had to stop at the park.  Everyone was here (including all the dogs) except my brother who couldn’t make it home this weekend :/

Did you do anything fun this weekend!?