roasted almonds, healthy, nutsMy Grandma and Mom have been making their own seasoned almonds for a long time and I just made a large batch last week so thought I would share!

The nice thing about making your own almonds is that you can create your own flavors and control the amount of salt.  They also have a completely different flavor when you roast them yourself, than the roasted almonds you can buy in the store.  If you’ve never roasted your own, I highly recommend trying it!
roasted almonds, healthy, nutsI always buy the Archer Farms raw unsalted almonds to make these.  For the seasonings on this batch I used Lawry’s Seasoned Salt, Lawry’s Garlic Salt, and Simply Balanced Garlic Powder.  Your first step is to lay the almonds on a cookie sheet (sprayed with coconut oil spray) in a single layer.  Then be sure to spray the coconut oil over the almonds and toss them a bit so they all get coated- this helps them get crunchy and helps the seasoning stick.  When the almonds are coated with coconut oil, season with your choice of seasonings- be generous because not all of it sticks!

Before throwing the pan in the oven, I shake it a little to move everything around.  Then, cook on 350 degrees until they turn a dark brown color.  Make sure to turn the almonds once they start darkening in color, and shake the pan every so often.  I honestly don’t know how long I cook them for- but my guess would be about 20 to 25 minutes?  Just make sure to watch them and don’t let them get too dark.

roasted almonds, healthy, nuts

They make for a healthy and delicious snack!  I store them in little snack sized ziploc bags to grab and go.  You can freeze them too!  

Next I want to try BBQ almonds and cinnamon sugar!

Question For You:  Have you ever made your own roasted almonds?  If so, what flavor?