I hope you all had a great New Years Eve and are excited for the new year!

Some people think that goal setting or getting intentional just because it’s a new year is cliche and that may be true, however, I personally love having a fresh start every 12 months. Each day is a new opportunity, so why can’t a new year be?

There are many things I want to accomplish this year, so below are some of my intentions!

Intention: Continue Working on Myself

Wanting to focus on yourself so that you have a higher level of happiness is NOT selfish. Your own happiness is so important and is something that you should never be scared of working towards. Based on my own experience, if you aren’t happy with yourself you will never feel fulfilled and many areas of your life can be negatively impacted.

  • Smaller food portions
  • Healthy, minimally processed meals
  • Less soda, more water and tea
  • Fitness, make it routine
  • Get better sleep, 7 hours of sleep a night
  • Personal development

Intention: Spend Time with God

  • Start reading the Bible- I was recommended and gifted a study Bible so I think I will be reading this first!

Intention: Spread Kindness

Small gestures can go a long way.

  • Smile at strangers and always be polite
  • Be kind to those who could be more kind- you never know what someone might be going through

Intention: Take Full Focus on My Boutique

I have so many aspirations and visions and it is time to get to it. I am the only one who can make them a reality so it is up to me to figure out how.

  • Plan ahead and create a schedule
  • Personal development
  • More dates with Caribou Coffee ☕️

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What are some of your goals or intentions for 2019?