carrots, benefits of carrots, vegetable, healthy

First of all, I absolutely love carrots. A fresh bag of carrots is so good and you can cook them and use them in so many different ways. And because they are a vegetable, there are of course benefits to consuming this bright orange, crunchy vegetable. The other colored carrots are also delicious and great for our health!

Good for Vision

I think most of us have heard that carrots are good for our eyesight. The generous amount of Vitamin A carrots provide are what helps reduce the risk of vision loss down the road. So yes, eat your carrots!


Like every fruit and vegetable, carrots are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are what may help prevent cell damage in our bodies due to free radicals, which in turn may reduce the risk of some diseases.

Ways to Enjoy Carrots

  • Raw – so fresh and crunchy! Add a yogurt based vegetable dip on the side for extra flavor and a nice treat.
  • Steamed.
carrots, benefits of carrots, vegetable, healthy

Please note that I am not a certified nutritionist. You should always consult your doctor with any diet changes or questions.