low carb, BLT's, avocado, bacon, easy dinner

As you know, I love BLT’s. They are so delicious and are always an easy dinner option.

If you are a fan of low carb options, this one’s for you! I’m sure almost everyone has already made a lettuce wrap BLT, but just in case someone hasn’t, I had to share.

What You’ll Need:

Lettuce- Iceberg, Butter, or Romaine (Iceberg is my 1st choice)
Bacon (ideally uncured, nitrate free)
Salt and Pepper

Just cook your bacon, assemble the BLT starting with the lettuce then adding mayo, salt and pepper, sliced tomato, avocado, and bacon, and enjoy!

low carb, BLTs, avocado, bacon, easy dinner

Regular BLT with Avocado can be found here!