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Last nights dinner was low carb and delicious!  Healthy does NOT always mean boring.  Get creative!  

We eat a lot of chicken in this household and often times it is pretty plain in flavor which is always a bummer, but chicken is a great protein option so we eat it anyways.  Bacon wrapped chicken is always a good idea, so that is what I decided to make but with a twist!  I wanted to make sure to add flavor to the chicken.  First I rinsed the chicken breast (organic) and cut it into strips, followed by seasoning each side.  Seasonings I used are below:

Bacon BBQ Chicken Seasoning

Brown Sugar Bourbon (Grill Mates)
Black Pepper
Minced Onion
Onion Powder
Ground Mustard

I baked the chicken at 350 degrees until it reached 165 degrees.  Just before it was fully cooked I poured some hickory bourbon BBQ sauce on top and placed it back in the oven for another five minutes.

It turned out delicious and the chicken was so tender and flavorful.  I enjoyed it with some green beans and a salad made of spring mix, freshly grated romano cheese, homemade candied pecans, and Litehouse raspberry walnut vinaigrette.