Completed workouts over the last nine days.

Bringing regular fitness into your life when it’s been such a long time is difficult.  So many excuses have come out of my mouth to get out of completing workouts- I’m tired and exhausted from sitting at a desk all day, I just want to work in bed and watch T.V., I don’t feel like it, etc.  That is exactly what they are though, EXCUSES.  Last Friday was the start of my fitness journey and I was able to complete 7 workouts over the last 9 days.  

Completed Workouts

  • Last Friday: Country Heat
  • Saturday: Country Heat
  • Sunday: 15 Minutes of Weights and Squats
  • Monday: 20 Minutes on the Treadmill
  • Tuesday: 40 Minutes on the Treadmill
  • Wednesday: Rest Day.
  • Thursday: 60 Minutes on the Treadmill
  • Friday: 25 Minutes on the Treadmill
  • Saturday: Rest Day.

Sure, it’s only been 9 days, but I already feel fantastic and am proud to have completed the workouts that I have.  I feel so confident in my ability to continue this new habit once and for all and my eating habits seem much better when I make sure to sweat every day.  I’ve lost weight once before, and this is my time again. 

Health is important and should be our main priority.  After all, we only get one life to live, one body to take us through.  We should be focused on treating it right and feeding it well and it’s time that I take my own advice again!

Cheers to healthy habits!