My reverse transformation. Six years ago to now.

Happy Tuesday and happy transformation day!  I’m calling this my reverse transformation.  Typically you see people share their transformations when they have reached their ‘goal weight’ or when they are at a healthy point.  I’ve gone the opposite direction over the last five/six years so thought I would participate and share this transformation photo.  

Back in 2013 I lost about 20 pounds in six months by giving up fast food, eating right, and incorporating fitness into my life.  Then I met Tommy.  My will power and good habits diminished pretty quickly over the next couple of months.  I was staying up later, drinking a bit on the weekends, eating out a lot and late at night, and just not making the best food choices.  Since then, I slowly but quickly, have gained it all back plus a lot more.  I still remember the first time I gave in and went through the McDonalds drive-thru.  It was October of 2013 on my way back home from up north.  I felt so defeated- I was so close to making it one year without ANY fast food.  I failed and continued to have no will power because it was convenient on my weekend trips North.   

It was me that let myself create these unhealthy habits and it’s only me that can reverse them.  Shit happens and all we can do is learn and move on.  

I am FINALLY doing the damn thing and it feels so good!  I can’t wait to share a new transformation picture down the road.

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