Debt is a sucky thing and money can be hard to talk about.  However, I have been completely inspired by The Fun Sized Life and Help Kate Live Great to really take focus on money and pay off debt so I can live life not worrying about it.  Student debt is not something I will ever take a focus on unless I magically start making tons and tons of money.  There’s way too much to pay off and it will be a work in progress for many many years.  There is however, credit card debt, business debt, and other personal loan debt that I want to pay off as soon as possible.  

I am happy to say that $2,328 of debt has been paid off since July.  This doesn’t maybe seem like much, but this is incredibly exciting.  It means that my debt is diminishing.  I’ve also had a little bit of cash back in addition to the money I have put towards the debt.  Sometimes using your credit card to earn cash back isn’t a bad thing- just try to pay it off right away.  

The goal here is to rid myself of the current debt that I have so that empty credit cards are available on an AS NEEDED basis for emergency expenses or pricier life experiences.  

How Have I Paid This Amount to Debt?

In all honesty, a good chunk of this has come from the savings that I had from my tax return.  The rest though, has come from being more mindful of my spending.  I have DRASTICALLY decreased the amount I spend at the grocery store each week by paying closer attention and shying away from heavy amounts of fresh produce.  Frozen veggies have been a staple.  I’ve been a lot better at talking myself out of stopping for food when I know I can eat at home and ditching the pop and iced coffees on a regular basis has helped significantly.   

What else has helped me save money to put towards debt?  Cancelling SUBSCRIPTIONS!  Small monthly subscriptions add up.  I took a good look at the apps on my phone and other subscriptions that we have and cancelled the ones I didn’t feel were necessary, this includes Hulu (I chose to keep Netflix).  

Let me also say that in my opinion, debt will always be something that is there or will be back (this is a personal statement, not true for everyone).  Not just because of student loans, but because life happens.  I don’t make enough money to be able to pay thousands of dollars on vehicle repairs.  I don’t make enough money to just pick up and travel whenever I want.  You get the point.  Vehicles need maintenance and fixing.  I enjoy traveling (although we don’t travel often).  When the opportunity comes I’m not going to turn traveling down- this is where credit cards come in.  We shouldn’t have to turn down experiencing life because of debt or money.  Take the damn trip.  Treat yourself to the damn dinner.  Do the things that make you happy.  Just be intentional and mindful of your decisions and expenses.