10 Fall Date Ideas to Take Part In This Season

Fall is hands down the best season in my opinion.  The air is so refreshing and the trees are beautiful (for a short amount of time).  There are so many fun activities to partake in during this season and below are some ideas!  

Apple Orchard

This is one of my favorite fall activities!  Apple orchards are so fun on a nice day and it’s fun to see all of the different things made out of apples.  I love all the cider, donuts, pie, and everything else apple!  

Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch

I mean, who doesn’t love corn mazes and pumpkin patches!?  Carving pumpkins together and baking the seeds (my favorite) is always a good time.   

Walk/Run a 5K

I am definitely not a ‘jogger’ anymore and I’ve only done one 5K.  If you do enjoy getting out there though, I’ll bet fall is the best time to get out and participate in one!

Find a Baking Class

I think this would be fun to do with your partner.  I personally don’t enjoy baking and I’m not very good at it, but going to a class together would be a unique experience!

Take a Road Trip & Go on a Hike

The perfect fall date idea?  Take a little road trip or go for a nice long hike!

Scenic drives in the fall are a fun past-time at minimal cost.  You can take beautiful pictures and just admire the beauty of nature.  Hikes can also be a part of your road trip, and there are most likely pretty places to go hiking close to home as well.  The best part?  Hiking is free!

Plan a Night at a Haunted House/Hay Ride

I used to LOVE going to any haunted house or hay ride I could come across.  Now not so much, my anxiety sky rockets from all of the dang anticipation, but it is definitely a fun time and pretty cost-effective if I remember.  

DIY Decor

There are so many crafts that are perfect to make for fall and as we head into the holiday season.  Make your own wreath, wooden sign, etc.

This is a hobby that I wish I had the patience for!  There are so many fun things you can make- welcome signs, wreaths, and other fun holiday decor.

Make Homemade Caramel Apples or Pie

If you like being in the kitchen and are looking for a fun fall date idea, try making your own caramel apples!

Get your apron on, light a Fall scented candle, and whip up some yummy fall treats in the kitchen.  

Have a Scary Movie Night

Um, because Halloween is in the fall and getting cozy on the couch and watching scary movies is fun. 

Brewery Hop

Brewery hopping is a fun fall date idea during the season!  You can sit outside by the bonfire and just relax.

I fully enjoy going to breweries even though I don’t drink!  Fall is the best time because it’s cool enough outside where you can sit comfortably without sweating and a lot of them have bonfires and outdoor games.  Better yet, find a cider brewery! 

I would love to hear more of your fall date ideas in the comments!

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