Creating healthier habits can be difficult and sometimes we need an extra push!  That is the reason I decided to do this challenge.

It has officially been 20 days since I started my 20 days to healthier ways challenge and I am proud to say that I have not had ANY pop since September 28th.  No, it hasn’t even been a full month, but for me this is huge.  McDonalds Coke and Diet Pepsi were my weaknesses and I constantly would crave them.  I have gone out to eat, I’ve gone through drive-thru’s, and my step-dad has had perfectly chilled cases of Diet Pepsi in the fridge and for some reason the thought of enjoying a pop during this time has been completely non-existent.  Ditching the pop has been the most rewarding thing for me.  It’s better for my health and better on my wallet.    

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I can’t say that my eating habits have been the best.  They haven’t been super awful but they could always be better.  Although I eat a ton of salads, I came to the realization that I don’t consume nearly enough fruits and vegetables so I invested in a juicer.  This might be my new favorite hobby.  The juice I have already made is pretty good and I can absolutely see myself experimenting with tons of different juices and drinking it often to get an appropriate amount of nutrients.     

I am excited to continue focusing on building healthier habits and to experiment with my new juicer