Why I Decided To Become Vegetarian Four Days Ago.

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Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and are enjoying the start of 2020. 

I have decided to go vegetarian and thought I would share why I just made this decision after 27 years of eating meat.  I am sharing this for those who are wondering why I’m doing this, not to tell anyone that this way is the right or wrong way.  Everyone has differences of opinion and that is OKAY.  

Over the last month or two I have been trying to lessen my meat consumption to see how it would make me feel and because I wanted to consume more vegetables and thought this might help.  I rarely get meat on my pizza anymore- cheese and veggies all the way and I’ve always been easily grossed out by meat- ask anyone who knows me how I eat ate chicken wings.  The desire to be a vegetarian has been on my mind before, but just this week is when I made the decision to take the leap.    

Tommy and I just moved to Arizona (love it here) and the drive down is what did me in.  We passed a lot of cows as the entire drive down was nothing but land and farm.  For the most part the cows were just roaming their acres and acres of land and grazing.  We eventually were on a road that was surrounded by what had to be THOUSANDS of cows all fenced in together on both sides of us.  Seeing this immediately brought me sadness.  Sadness for all of those poor cows that will more than likely be slaughtered.  It just breaks my heart as animals are so helpless and don’t understand.  This was the moment I decided I needed to give vegetarianism a go.  It had crossed my mind many times before for different reasons, but this sight was all I needed to make my decision.  We also passed a meat factory that had a horrible smell which honestly just grossed me out to no end.

Again, this is my personal decision, and it doesn’t mean that I’m right or wrong.  Will I be vegetarian forever?  I don’t know.  But I definitely need to do this right now.  Will it be hard?  Yes.  I have grown up with meat and so often always ate meat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner just out of habit.  Another reason this will be more difficult for me is that I don’t like beans- which is a big protein source for non-meat eaters.  Veggie burgers have always been a no-go for me (perhaps I need to find the right one)!  Today is day four of no-meat and I am SO proud of myself and honestly haven’t missed it yet.      

Cheers to 2020!

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