Vegetarian Confusion on the 46th and 47th Day.

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On the 46th and 47th day of the year I consumed meat.  I went 45 days completely vegetarian.  Proud is an understatement.  Over the last week or two though, I found myself questioning being vegetarian 24/7.  Protein is something that I very much lack as a vegetarian as the protein sources like beans, tofu, and most veggie burgers aren’t something that I like.  I’ve tried!  I can tolerate beans in some dishes like chili for example, but if I’m making the chili there probably won’t be beans!  

We went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch on Saturday and I ended up ordering steak tacos when I was only considering incorporating chicken into my diet.  This was my first non-vegetarian meal since the first of the year.  To my surprise, the tacos were not good.  I wasn’t sure if the food itself wasn’t up to par or if it was because I wasn’t used to eating steak anymore.  I had about one and a half of the little tacos and removed a lot of the meat because they tasted better without it.  

A vegetarian lifestyle can be a bit confusing in the beginning (for me anyways) but in the end, you need to just do what makes you feel best!

We ate out a few more times over the weekend (awful, I know), and again to my surprise, everything I was ordering wasn’t great.  The orange chicken bowl from Applebee’s was tasty, but that was it!  I’m assuming that not having meat for so long had to do with me not enjoying most of what I was eating.  My main reason for going vegetarian is also very much pounded in my head and I think that’s just what I think of now when I have meat in front of me and that ruins it (which I’m happy about).  

Part of me wishes that I wouldn’t have given in to eating meat this weekend, but at the same time I’m happy that I did so that I can be more sure of my decision.  Will I remain vegetarian forever?  I don’t know!  Chicken might still be a small part of my diet at some point but if anything, I think that will be the extent.  Right now, I am going to just focus on what makes me feel the best all the way around, and that is to not consume meat.  Some days are more confusing than others with this lifestyle but I’m going to continue taking it day by day and just do what I feel is best for ME.  

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  • jmarie1974 February 19, 2020 at 12:36 pm

    Well done on your determination, that’s fantastic 😊 I’m glad your weekend helped to reinforce your choice. We’re starting to experiment with meat free days, and your right the protein side does seem to be limited. Good luck.

    • Loree Unleashed February 22, 2020 at 12:54 pm

      Thank you! Good luck on incorporating meat free days too! 🙂

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