How to Follow Influencers & Instantly Shop with

In this post I explain how to follow influencers on the shopping app as well as how to instantly shop images using the app! is a shopping app where you can instantly shop products that influencers share in their posts.  Influencers earn a small commission on sales made through their posts at no additional cost to the consumer.  

How to Follow an Influencer

Step 1: Download the App in the App Store and Create an Account

Step 2: Search and Follow

Once you’ve created an account, click the search icon at the bottom right of the homepage and click on Influencer Search.  Here you can type in the name of the influencer you are looking for and click follow.

Step 3: DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP- Turn On Match My Screenshots

In order to instantly shop any images as I explain in more depth below, you must turn this setting on.  In the app go to the settings in the upper right corner and turn the “Match My Screenshots” to on.  If further settings need to be changed, a notice to Allow Photo Access will pop up.  Click Settings, Photos, and then check Read and Write.  You should now be set up to screenshot images to instantly shop.

How to Shop with

Shopping From an Instagram Post

One of the awesome things about the app is that when we say you can instantly shop pictures, we mean it.  You can legit screenshot an image and when you open up your app, it’s right there for you to shop!

Feel free to screenshot any image you see that has the tag.  This will more than likely be most images that influencers post.  It could have the circled heart icon in the bottom corner of an image, the tag in the caption, or could be tagged in the photo which can be found by tapping on the instagram post. 

Once you screenshot a image, it will automatically save in “My Likes” in the app and from there you can click on any image and start shopping!

Shopping From a Facebook Post

To shop a enabled picture that you see on Facebook you can just click on the http direct link as displayed in the picture below OR you can do the quick and easy screenshot method.  

Shopping From a Blog Post

In a blog post, there will often times be clickable images that you can click on to instantly shop products as displayed in the image below.  

I hope you found this helpful!

In this post I explain how to follow influencers on the shopping app as well as how to instantly shop images using the app!

I hope you found this helpful!

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